Candle Magick: A Spell for Stress and Anxiety

Candle Magick: A Spell for Stress and Anxiety

So many of us are operating with an underlying level of stress or anxiety without even knowing it's there. We've learned to normalize it, and, it's time to love ourselves so much that we transform this into Love. I've created a spell with Candle Magick to support us in doing this.

In a recent appointment with my Naturopath we uncovered that, although my mind doesn’t register “stress” or “anxiety” all the time, the symptoms of my body are communicating that I am, in fact, in stress. I came to the conclusion that, although so deeply loved by my mother and doing the absolute best she could do, I have been trained to normalize stress and anxiety, straight from the womb, and I know I’m not the only one.


My doctor invited me to take some stress-relieving supplements (whether I feel stressed or not) so my mind can begin to identify what it feels like to be in ease, as ease is the normal I desire to know.


And, I am multi-faceted. I truly love science and coming to consciously understand my body, and I am a deeply spiritual being. My feelings are loud and I know that in order to feel truly held by the Great Mother, invoking the magic of the elements is important for my healing. So! I performed a candle spell to support me in this awareness and wanted to share my process, hopefully inspiring you to welcome in all forms of wellness.


This particular Candle Magic Ritual is for bringing your awareness to stress or anxiety for the purpose of noticing it so you CAN transform it! I have adopted most of this ceremony from “The Good Witch’s Guide” and shifted a few things around to match my resonance. Feel free to do the same for yourself!



Brown Candle (to burn away the “muddy” confusion and welcome awareness) - I haven't been able to find lead-free wick in this style, still searching. If you have a source let me know!

Peppermint Essential Oil (to bring in the clarity and understanding)

Vegetable Oil (a grounding base for your EO)

Smokey Quartz Crystal (small enough to carry with you)

A nail, needle or sharp tool

Cat not necessary :)


Step 1: Set your Intention and Clear your Candle Vessel


Hold the brown candle in your hand and visualize your desired outcome. See yourself in a state of calm, ease, and relaxed joy. Feel what this feels like in your body as if you are already the man or woman who feels this, now. Breathe in and out until you feel your entire body meet your mind in this state of relaxed joy. See this relaxed joy flowing into your candle clearing all energy from before and filling it only with the energy of your outcome.


Step 2: Inscribing your Candle


Carve your full name into your candle using the nail, needle or sharp tool.



Turn the candle slightly and carve “Reveal stress & anxiety”.

Turn the candle slightly and carve “To welcome joyful ease


Step 3: Anoint your Candle


Pour a teaspoon of vegetable oil into a small dish (I used a little tea cup), all the while thanking the plant the oil is made from for it’s magick. Pour one drop of peppermint essential oil into the dish and gently swirl. Holding the candle in your left hand, dip your right pointer into the dish of oil and starting at the top of your candle (not touching the wick) draw a line down to the bottom of your candle speaking this incantation from “The Good Witch’s Guide” by Shawn Robbins and Charity Bedell:



This Magickal oil anoints thee,

With all things good, magickally”


Step 4: Cast your Spell


Place your smokey quartz near your candle. As you light your candle repeat this spell 3 times:


Reveal to me what I cannot see

Show me stress or anxiety

Help me process and release it from me

And welcome calm and joyful ease



It is important to let your candle burn until it is complete - do not blow it out as you will blow away the magick (thanks, Lauren, for teaching me this!). The quartz will absorb all of the magic of your ritual and once your candle has completely burned, carry your smokey quartz with you for the next few weeks as a support tool in this awareness and transformation.



You will notice I also had a large smokey quartz sphere next to my candle. This sphere sits on my altar and I am in touch with it regularly - I wanted something stable and grounding in my home as well as something I could take out into the world with me to support me on this journey into ease.


If you are in a similar dialogue as I am around stress and anxiety, consider joining me for our Sound Bath Meditation this Friday, January 31st, our Full Moon Womxn's Circle on Saturday, February 8th (led by me!), or our Sacred Cacao Ceremony under the New Moon, Friday, February 22nd. All of these events will support you in your awareness around your thoughts, feelings and beliefs and can help you welcome that joyful ease you may be looking for.


If you do this spell I would love to hear about your experience - is this you first spell? Are you a seasoned Witch? What did you think? And, I'm holding space for you to welcome so much Joy and Ease.


Blessed Be,



  1. Amanda Holder Amanda Holder

    Can I do this for someone that wouldn't be able to carry the stone with them?

  2. Ren2131 Ren2131

    I did this spell with real mud on a white candle, used lavender instead of peppermint and instead of my name I put my sisters name and focused my energy on her. It worked! As long as you use the elements that benefit you, any spell is interchangeable. Hope this helps.

  3. Penelope Rivers Penelope Rivers

    Can you do this for someone else? I want to help release someone else anxiety so could I do this then give them the crystal?

  4. Reagan Smith Reagan Smith

    I dont have a brown candle or smokey quartz, can i use a yellow candle and clear quartz instead? thank you !

  5. Rebecca Mashuta Rebecca Mashuta

    Thank you for the feedback, Laura! This is GREAT!!! <3

    Blessed Be!

  6. Laura Renshaw Laura Renshaw

    This spell is great. I just did it to help my poor husband. He suffers terribly from anxiety and is afraid of taking any prescribed medication due to addiction. Thank you so much

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