Ultimate Self-Love Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

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Ultimate Self-Love Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

Step into Becca Rose's unique Valentine's Day gift guide. This isn't just about objects; it's about embracing self-love and celebrating your own wonderful company. Our handpicked collection of 20 items will inspire joy, comfort, and a touch of magic in your daily life.

From soothing self-care essentials to heartwarming keepsakes, and a few cheeky treasures in-between, each piece is a reminder that the most rewarding love is the love you give yourself. So, this Valentine's, be your own best friend, your own soulmate, and treat yourself to something truly special from our lovingly curated selection.



1. Shower Potions:

These Shower Potions elevate your shower experience by releasing invigorating scents through the steam, creating a spa-like atmosphere right in your home.
- Fantasy
- Lemon Peppermint
- Almond
- Lavender

2. CozyChic 3 Pair Sock Set: BUY HERE Indulge in the ultimate comfort with our CozyChic Socks Set, featuring three pairs of classic socks in complementary colors. Elegantly packaged in a custom-made box with a convenient slide-out drawer, this set not only promises luxury and warmth but also comes Oprah-approved as one of her favorite things of 2023.

3. Crystal Infused Bar Soap: Elevate your cleansing ritual with our Crystal Infused Bar Soap, a luxurious blend of nourishing ingredients and energizing crystals. Each bar is designed to harmonize body and spirit, leaving your skin radiant and infused with positive energy.
- Ceramic Rose
- Rainbow Moonstone
- Mother Moon

4. 10oz Candle | Coven Lovin: BUY HERE Discover the warmth of togetherness with "Coven Lovin," a candle that combines the earthy tones of birch and frankincense with the uplifting scent of geranium, all enhanced by the cozy crackle of a wood wick.

5. It's Your Weirdness that Makes You Wonderful Journal: BUY HERE - I absolutely adore 'It's Your Weirdness that Makes You Wonderful'—it's a journal that has truly resonated with me. Through its blend of affirming animals and creative prompts, it offers a unique and vibrant path to embracing our quirks. It's a personal favorite for navigating the journey of self-love and acceptance.

6. The Heart Lolli Claw: BUY HERE It's like a sweet treat for your hair! The combination of a translucent, bright red lollipop design on a mint green acetate base adds a touch of candy-sweet nostalgia. Not only does it look adorable, but it also offers great hold.

7. Rose Quartz Hearts | 3-4" | Madagascar: BUY HERE Each piece, intuitively chosen and cleansed for you, aids in fostering love, self-love, friendship, and a deep sense of peace.


8. Female Form 50MM: BUY HERE I'm deeply moved by our Female Form collection, which celebrates the divine feminine in all its glory. Each piece is a tribute to the strength, beauty, and complexity of femininity, inviting us to honor and embrace the powerful essence within ourselves and around us.

9. The Witch's Book of Self Care: BUY HERE The Witch's Book of Self-Care' by Arin Murphy-Hiscock is a gem for anyone looking to blend witchcraft with wellness. It's packed with spells, meditations, and DIY remedies that nurture body, mind, and spirit.


10. The Light Seers Tarot Deck: BUY HERE The Light Seer's Tarot is a modern, healing tarot deck designed to explore the light and shadow sides of our nature. Its contemporary, intuitive style offers a fresh approach to traditional tarot, making it a perfect guide for self-discovery and embracing all aspects of oneself.


11. Love Awakening Bundle: BUY HERE This bundle features a harmonious blend of Oregano, Lemon Verbena, and Rose to fill your heart with love, complemented by Silver Wormwood to clear away thoughts of unworthiness. Each set is paired with a rough Rose Quartz crystal, setting the perfect intention for self-acceptance and love.


12. Wild Woman Rising Oracle Deck: BUY HERE Step into your power with 'Wild Woman Rising,' a deck designed to awaken the fierce Wild Woman within. With 44 cards and a guidebook, it's a call to embrace your untamed spirit, offering wisdom and strength.

13. Mindfulness Dice: BUY HERE This engaging set includes six color-coded wooden dice, unlocking 36 ways to achieve serenity and balance. Ideal for anyone, anywhere, it's a fun, simple method to bring mindfulness into your daily life.


14. Crystal Infused Bath and Body Oil
- Inner Peace
- Aura Cleanse
- Search Within


15. Self-Care for Empaths Book: BUY HERE This guide offers 100 practical activities, rituals, and quizzes tailored for empaths, helping you balance your emotional and energetic sensitivities. Discover techniques to prevent overwhelm, set strong boundaries, and honor your unique gifts.

16. Crystal Mini Angel: BUY HERE Carry a tiny reminder of your special healing Angel or Spirit Guide. Or place on your altar to be reminded of your connection to the Divine. These carved angels will stand ready to protect and comfort you.


17. CozyChic Heathered Tipped Scarf: BUY HERE Featuring a fully ribbed, heathered design with sophisticated color-blocked tips, this scarf offers cozy warmth and a touch of class to any outfit.


18. Bright Skin Starter Set: BUY HERE Begin your journey to radiant skin with the Eminence Bright Skin Starter Set, a meticulously curated collection designed for uneven skin tones. This set includes a one-month supply of organic, targeted treatments: Bright Skin Cleanser, Moisturizer with SPF 30, Masque, and Licorice Root Booster-Serum, all presented in a classic faux leather cosmetic bag with a chic bamboo zipper.


19. CozyChic Heathered Ombre Robe: BUY HERE Probably my favorite robe ever. Perfect for lazy mornings and relaxing evenings, it's the epitome of cozy elegance.


20. Sprayology - Women Power: BUY HERE Targets symptoms of low sex drive, including decreased desire, low energy, irritability, and feelings of melancholy. Ideal for women looking to rejuvenate their body and reignite passion, this spray is a natural companion for those seeking to enhance their pleasure and vitality.


21. Self-Care: Inspirational Card Deck: BUY HERE I absolutely love our Self-Care Inspirational Card Deck for its beautiful illustrations and the gentle, daily reminders it offers for self-care.


22. You're Fucking Awesome Tea: BUY HERE I'm obsessed with the 'You're Fucking Awesome Tea'—it's not just a tea, it's a bold statement in a cup. This refreshing maté mix, infused with spices, holy tulsi, and hibiscus, tastes incredibly cold-brewed and serves as the perfect pick-me-up. It's my go-to for reminding myself of my awesomeness, especially on days when I need a boost.


23. Stone Crop Masque: BUY HERE A staple in my skincare routine, truly a game-changer for enhancing skin's moisture and overall health. Stone crop, known for its healing properties, works magic on various skin conditions, leaving the skin radiant and youthful.


24. Smiling Heart Earrings: BUY HERE These earrings feature 14k gold-plated heart charms, angel aura clear quartz, and opalescent cubic zirconia, all hanging from nickel-free hooks. Wearing them feels like a step into Wonderland, a reminder to keep those who make your heart smile close by.


25. Spa Heat Wrap: BUY HERE I've found my self-care ritual's perfect companion with this Spa Heat Wrap. With its soothing lavender scent and the option for either moist warmth or a cool embrace, it's my go-to for relaxation.




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