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Healing Dis-Ease

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  • By Becky Mashuta
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Healing Dis-Ease

Dear You,

Welcome. I am so thrilled for you that you are here, feeling so ready to transform and make welcome your next degree of feeling fantastic in your Divine Vessel. YES! Celebrating this with you right now!

I so want to honor you for being willing to identify a discontent in your life. Whether you are navigating pain, discomfort, and/or discontent with the way something is in your vessel, that you gave yourself permission to identify it as something you’d love to shift is remarkable. Most people will not opt in for this course. Most people will remain in their cycle of pain-temporary relief, pain-temporary relief, because this kind of work takes the type of courage that not everyone has. :) You, my beautiful friend, have the bravery of a warrior.

Blessed Be,