Holiday Gift Guide: 2024 Edition

Holiday Gift Guide: 2024 Edition

This year's Becca Rose Holiday Gift Guide, brought to you by Becky.

Over the past 13 years I have had the joy of watching our customers carefully curate the perfect concoction of cauldron-filled gifts for their loved ones. :) A little alliteration fun, there. Here are a few of their favorite things... :) 

First day!

A sachet filled with soap! This is our answer to your question "can I take this scent home with me!?".. YES! And you can stuff stockings with it and wake up to the best smelling season, EVER!


Second day!

Two turtle seals (or other varieties of seals and waxes! These seals bring us back to a time when the written word was truly honored and respected. In a world where it's hard to get off our screens, receiving a hand-written card with a wax seal stamped to the back is really the best thing, ever. I know, I just got one from Eden over at Desert Rose, our sister store!


Third day!

Nail Polish


Fourth day!

Good Night Essential Oil! 


Fifth day!

Five bags of delicious and hilarious TEA (Like "Chill the Fuck Out", "Go the Fuck to Sleep" and "Wake the Fuck Up". I feel like life has felt so serious this year. A lot has happened, for all of us, and this line of tea just mixes it up and adds a dose of humor to your day, night, afternoon, whatever.


Sixth day!

Six Dice for practicing Mindfulness and creating amazing days! I really love these dice, whether you're a solo-human looking to grow in your awareness of how amazing your life is, or if you're a family unit wanting to practice mindfulness, being in the moment, taking deep breaths and practicing forgiveness. This is an interactive way of making mindfulness fun!


Seventh day!

Seven Crystals in a boxed set! Truly the perfect kit for anyone in your life who works with, or wants to work with, crystals, chakras, energies etc. There are 7 crystals for each of the 7 chakras. Inside the box there are labels so the receiver knows which crystal is for which chakra. It's perfect. 


Eight day!

8oz candle filled with cozy fireside vibes (or roses by the ocean!): We have a pretty wide variety of candles to choose from. Always safe and healthy, because we care about you and don't want you breathing in lead or phthalates (eww!) Our candles are made with lead-free wicks and either essential oils, natural fragrances or phthalate free fragrances. Winter holidays always call for a little candlelight.


Ninth day!

FemiNINE books to support a matriarchal approach to life! Like "Find Your Wild Feminine" or "Wellness Witch" or our owner's favorite, "Pussy" Over the past decade I have continued to immerse myself in writings from empowering feminists, women who have found their own way, a matriarchal approach to life, and have found such relief in knowing that I'm not "broken", that nothing is "wrong" with me, it's just that the way I operate doesn't match the patriarchal social structures put into place. For any woman in your life looking to "fit in", this would be the perfect gift of empowerment to show her she already does, in her own feminine way. 


Tenth day!

TEN oz. Coven Lovin' Becca Rose Signature Candle (or your choice of Hex the Ex, Burn the Witch and Money Magic!): My husband and I had so much fun creating these new candles with Gates, our soap and candlemaker! Justin designed all the labels and Gates and I finessed the scents. They are filled with magick, environmentally safe glitter, wooden wicks that crackle and wee crystals to fill a space with high vibes. Having a candle burning in the background could be the perfect addition to your loved one's holiday experience while they're making memories with loved ones.


Eleventh day!

ELEVEN empowering stickers to decorate their goodies with so whenever they're using them they think of you! I LOVE seeing people come into hte store with water bottles, bags, laptops, just covered with stickers. Each one means something to them, like tattoos, they come with a deep appreciation of the moment they got it. Gifting stickers to those you love means they'll be STUCK with you! Haha, seriously, though, you'll be with them everywhere they go. What a gift!


Twelfth Day!

TWELVE Goat Milk Soaps, of course! What's a gift from Becca Rose without a bunch of our goat milk soaps!? Plus, for every bar you purchase we donate $1 to save children from trafficking (our goal was to save 30 children this year and we have already beaten that, thanks for helping us make the world a better place, one soap at a time!)


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