Intro to Meditation

Intro to Meditation

A step by step guide to get the most of your meditations.

The Sacred Ceremony of Meditation


Step 1: Claim your Divinity

Step 2: Honor your Divinity by creating your Sacred Space

    1. Choose this time to honor YOU.

    2. Notice that time spent on you honors EVERYONE in your life.

    3. Create your Sacred Space: Candles, Crystals, Quiet, Door Closed, Music, Comfortable Clothes, Comfortable place to sit. 


Step 3: Decide your Meditation Purpose with INTENTION


Saying I need to meditate without really understanding the why doesn’t bring much motivation for a positive outcome!

Why are you meditating?

    1. Visualization: To work through something emotional or transform a pattern.

    2. Quiet, Music or Breathwork Meditation: to calm the mind from a perpetual thought-loop, to generate Gratitude.

    3. To communicate with a Loved One who has passed.

    4. To generate Gratitude


Step 4: Begin your Meditation


Choose the time you will dedicate to this practice: Give yourself permission to meditate for as little as 5 minutes. 

    1. Set a soft alarm on your phone.

    2. Surrender control of your meditation - let it be what it will be staying highly invested to your intention with low attachment to the outcome.


Get Comfortable: ensure that your clothing and wherever you are sitting is somewhere that can support you through the length of your meditation and beyond. Setting yourself up in this way will ensure as little distractions as is possible.

    1. Make sure you are warm enough - use a blanket if you would love it.

    2. If needed, support your back by sitting on a chair or propping up a pillow behind you.

    3. As long as it will not cause you to fall asleep, lay down if it is better for your meditation process.


Mind Cleansing Meditation: To support you in mental surrender.

Counting in Meditation: This is a process that is very supportive of relaxing the thoughts of the mind. Use this when you desire to sink into deep mindfulness:

    1. Choose whether to enter into this practice in silence or with music.

    2. Begin by taking a deep breath in. As you inhale deeply, say the number 1 in your mind, 3 times. On your exhale, say the number 2 in your mind, 3 times. With the next inhale say the number 3 in your mind 3 times. On your exhale, say the number 4 in your mind 3 times. Continue this pattern up to the number 12 and begin the process again.



If you experience difficulty letting your mind do what it needs to do: remember how hard the mind works on your behalf all day, every day, even all night when you are sleeping. It will serve you deeply to surrender to whatever process you experience during your meditation. If you find this difficult, if you find your mind thinking and thinking and thinking when you just want it to quiet and slow down, honor it by expressing how grateful you are to it. Give deep thanks to your mind for serving you SO MUCH. Recognize that it may be a new activity you are expecting it to jump into with ease, and that it could take some time. Simply spend your meditation time expressing gratitude for everything your mind makes possible for you - from problem solving, to your incredible ability to manifest with the capacity of your thinking, to enjoying humor, and choosing to meditate with intention. The more relaxed you are in this process, the easier it will be for your mind to surrender.


Meditation truly has the power to heal and fundamentally transform the way you think and feel about life causing you to act in a completely new and grounded way. Make the decision today to meditate for as little as 5 minutes a day this week in whatever form you choose. Use this as a guide and record your experience in your Sacred Journal, sharing with us the outcome of your process! 


I really want to acknowledge and honor you for your willingness to step into greater degrees of Love for yourself through this process. You are remarkable and I am so grateful for you!


Self Love Activity: Share your meditation experiences and feedback in our comments for each day this week.


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All my love to you brave Woman,





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