You know how when we lose someone it's so painful you can barely breathe? That's why we have rose quartz - to heal a crushed heart.

HOW DO I USE IT? We like to hold it in the palm of our hand and let the healing vibrations soak into our bodies. We also love to just have it near us in any way, whether it's as a decoration or simply a piece to carry with us. We feel nurtured just by being in the vicinity of this powerful crystal.

HOW DO THEY WORK? Crystals are ancient and have existed for... ever. They hold within them the Sacred Memory of creation and as we hold these remarkably divine tools, we are reminded from where we came with Peace and ease in our hearts. 

HOW DO I KNOW WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE? We love to choose our crystals in different ways. Some of us are visual and can see the one that calls to us. Some of us are more analytical and want to understand the purpose of the crystal. Do you see one that just *feels* good? Do you prefer a crystal that has a function? We make our decision process easier by deciding that no matter what we chose, it's the right one.