Deep Nutrition for Nails

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Deepest Nutrition, most Quenching Program for Nails!

  • As a Revival Treatment, apply twice a week to have nails back to their virgin quality. 
  • As a Base Coat, apply one coat under the nail polish. Miraculous blend of 5 lavishly rich Oils (Coconut, Passiflora, Apricot, Avocado and Salicornia)
  • Essential Extract of Prodigious Resurrection Plant, known to survive dehydration.
  • Extra-Smoothing Complex to seal down keratin cells.
  • Amino-Acids [Cysteine and Methionine] to help stimulate the formation of keratin. The Result - IN 3 WEEKS, NAILS ARE BACK TO THEIR HEALTHIEST VIRGIN QUALITY: Strong, Silky Smooth and Protected.
  • After 1 Week Nails are Less Fragile, Less Brittle, Have Less Splitting, Are Moisturized and are  Smoothed. After 3 Weeks Nails are  Harder, Stronger, Moisturized and Nail Quality Improved by 90% !
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