Soothing Bowl

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A tactile tool to help balance and focus energy, reduce stress and anxiety, and incorporate peace and healing. 

Iolite: Heightens Intuition, Aids in Self-Assurance, Eases Addictions

Clear Quartz: Clarity, Cleansing, Raised Vibration

Amethyst: Healing, Meditation, Calm 

Lapis: Spiritual armor, Self-expression & Awareness, Wisdom

Black Tourmaline: Protection, Purification, EMF Absorption

Carnelian: Courage, Creativity, Motivation

Moonstone: Growth, Strength, Emotional Balance

Bloodstone: Courage, Self-Esteem, Protection

Green Aventurine:Stone of Opportunity, manifesting prosperity and wealth

Garnet:prosperity, abundance, encouraging gratitude


Blessed Be!

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