Sea Salt Goat Milk Soap

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Sea what you’ve been missing with Indigo Wild’s Sea Salt Zum Bar Soap. Featuring a fabulously fresh blend, this natural soap pairs whiffable essential oil blends with and infusion of goat’s milk and olive, coconut, and castor oils. Handcrafted with ingredients you can say, spell, and love to smell, you’ll also love the way it silkifies your skin.

A long-time favorite soap ingredient, goat’s milk is a naturally homogenized, soft-as-all-get-out moisturizer. It’s full of the good fats that help your skin’s pH levels lock in extra hydration. Give your skin a nourishing treat with the Sea Salt Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soap.

*Zum Bars contain natural mineral pigments that may stain when rubbed directly on fabrics, washcloths, or clothing.

3 oz.

Mojo Makers:

  • Natural Plant Oils like olive, coconut, and castor oils provide next-level hydration sourced by nature.
  • Goat's Milk provides mega-moisturization and nourishes skin.
  • Essential Oilsboost your mood morning, noon, and night.


Scent Profile: Sea Salt has initial scents of floral, and with a hint of grapefruit, releases underlying smoky patchouli and a citrus finish.

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