Garnierite Palmstone | 30-50MM | Madagascar

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Garnierite is such a unique stone that contains the true essence of life. Such innocent and joyful vibrations begin to emulate upon touch, leaving the user in a blissful trance. The energies of this crystal synchronize with your auric field and begin to fill your etheric body with love, light, and compassion. Your heart chakra becomes fully aligned and relaxed, providing you a chance to look deeply within. What you may find can be traumatic and scary to say the least, but these experiences are a part of us and must be relinquished. Garnierite is extremely potent when used as a spiritual amulet and is capable of providing all the protection one may need during these inward encounters. One must put all their trust into this stone to maximize its benefits. Allow your body to harmonize with this stone and imbue yourself fully with this crystal through deep meditation. Use the energy channeled from this stone to heal the wounds you may carry. Don’t forget to allow space to open up for love and new opportunities.

Approximately 1-2"

Please note: We intuitively choose your crystal with our non-dominant hand and Spirit as our guide and cleanse each one for you. All crystals vary in size, shape, color and pattern.

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