Fantasy Goat Milk Soap

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We pledge to donate $1 to rescue children from sex trafficking for every bar of soap you purchase. Our goal is to save at LEAST 30 children in 2023 which will cost $15,000.00. Watch our progress HERE and thank you SO MUCH for your purchase.


Fantasy, a staff favorite, is a blend of lavender, bergamot, geranium and tea tree. It will help balance hormones while reducing tension and stress.


Our soaps are lovingly made in Mystic, CT with a blend of goats milk, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil and sustainably sourced palm oils. We also use natural mineral colors and pure therapeutic essential oils.


Size: Hand-cut soaps range from 2.7-3oz

| lauren mccurry

Absolutely fell in love with this soap omggg. I was home visiting and was looking around the shop and found this amazing soap. I would absolutely die for this soap it smells so good. I think there’s no perfume because it didn’t make me break out I actually helped me clear up! I was so excited to see that I can order online and I am so excited to go home and order as many soaps as I can afford!! Thank you for such good quality soaps for affordable prices !!

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