Classic Seal - Swirl Sun

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Swirly Sun wax impression seal 3/4"

Made of lead free pewter.



Decorative seal to add a special touch to any correspondence!


How to make an Impression Seal

Trim wick so it is flush with wax.  Using a lighter, soften wax for 10 seconds.
Gently push wick onto paper so a small amount of wax gets on the wick.

Relight Wax.

Drip 10-15 drips into a pool. Push the lit end of the wax stick directly into the pool of wax and swirl around in a circle.
Push the seal into the wax and wait 5 seconds.  (If you would like to use ink with your wax, push the seal lightly into a
pigment ink pad and then into the wax.  The ink will transfer into the wax with no further effort).

Gently rock out of the wax you will have a beautiful impression.


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