Blue Apatite Palmstone | 30-40MM | Madagascar

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clarity, guidance, expression


PROPERTIES:: Apatite is linked to the Third Eye and improves intellect, expands insights, and amplifies our reasoning abilities to enable us to clear the clutter and see truth when it is not obvious. It is also a Throat Chakra stone that opens honest and clear communication channels, assisting with expressing our truth. It eliminates any blockages in the Chakras, balances Yin Yang energy, and cleanses the Aura of scattered energy, thereby providing a renewed sense of balance and harmony. Apatite is also very effective at inspiring creativity, along with the motivation to reveal our creative sides to others. For those of us who are more introverted, Apatite can strengthen confidence in social situations, encouraging self-expression without the fear of being aloof or alienated.

ZODIAC: Gemini, Libra
CHAKRA: Throat, Third Eye


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