A Natural History of Fairies

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This fully illustrated album was compiled in the 1920s by the botanist Professor Arbour for her goddaughter, and is now unveiled for readers of today. This gorgeous volume features beautiful sketches detailing the secret life of fairies, and the important part they play in the natural world. It reveals how these tiny gardeners check the flowers each morning to make sure they have enough dew; how they help scatter seeds and keep plants healthy. Inside, you will discover the different species of fairy around the globe, exploring where and how they live. Covering fairy anatomy, camouflage and languages to their life cycle, habits and habitats, the book illuminates a hidden world that will delight fairy-lovers everywhere. Both a natural history and a practical spotter’s guide, it comes with a strong warning that the privilege of seeing fairies (mostly by children) should not be taken lightly.

About the Author


Emily Hawkins is a writer and editor of children's books for all ages. She wrote the New York Times bestseller Oceanology, as well as several other titles in the Ology series, which has sold over 16 million copies worldwide. She holds a first-class English degree from Nottingham University, and now lives in Winchester with her young family.

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