*The Hero's Heart

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A revolutionary twelve-month journey for mothers and sons, ages 9–14 to explore the core values and themes our boys need most in their passage to healthy young manhood.

The Hero’s Heart is a groundbreaking new approach to raising healthy, compassionate, and emotionally intact young men. Innovative and timely, this mother-son curriculum is an answer to what our boys need in order to thrive – rather than just survive – in the current culture of traditional masculinity. With genuine encouragement and invaluable insight, Melia inspires mothers to create the intentional communities, character-shaping opportunities, and rite-of-passage experiences that adolescent boys crave. The Hero’s Heart is a gift to anyone involved in raising or nurturing boys.

By sharing the Hero’s Heart together, your son will:

  • Develop a strong sense of self and values.
  • Learn to be comfortable with intimacy, authenticity, and vulnerability in relationships with others.
  • Develop a solid working relationship with his own inner guidance system.
  • Be well-prepared to safely navigate peer-pressure, drugs, alcohol and sex.


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