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The exotic spices of anise, bay laurel, cedarwood & juniper invoke thoughts & feelings of exotic lands, reached only after days at sea, while the colors remind you of sea and sand. A last luxurious touch? Ground apricot seed for gentle exfoliation.


  • Hand poured in small batches
  • Ground apricot seed for gentle exfoliation
  • Massive 10 oz bar last for weeks
  • Unique, all-natural blend of scents
  • Nourishing blend of oils


At Burly Stone, we believe that more is… more. All of our soaps are massive, easily twice as big as most other handcrafted soaps, so they last longer. If you love our soap as much as we do, we recommend keeping it well-drained soap dish in between uses to make it last as long as possible



This is the perfect soap for the shop jockey in your life. The cool scent of peppermint essential oil mixed with the earthy scents of tea tree oil & basil essential oil creates a unique scent that reminds us of a day spent working in the garage... only cleaner.



A lush blend of citrus & clove scents makes this one of our favorite soaps. Grapefruit, orange, and clove essential oils give this soap a fresh, lush scent -  it’s the best smells from the kitchen.

Then we add fresh citrus zest for an extra bit of luxury, and color it to resemble an Italian flag. It's the perfect soap for the foodie in your life.



We designed this soap with dogs in mind. It's smaller (5 oz.) than our standard burly bars, and made with extra gentle ingredients to soothe your pups' skin as it cleans. Shea butter adds extra moisturizing & sheen for the fur while the light scents of natural peppermint & lavender essential oils help to naturally repel fleas & ticks.

  • PLEASE NOTE: This soap is NOT suitable for cats.
  • Extra moisturizing for fur & skin.
  • 100% all natural.
  • Essential oil blend helps repel fleas & ticks.
  • Lathers up quickly.
  • Rinses off quickly & cleanly.
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