Red Sardonyx

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strength, protection, courage, power, leadership

PROPERTIES:: Sardonyx is a stone that dispels unwanted energies and empowers its wearer. It encourages discipline, focus, and motivation and also amplifies our personal power. The grounding nature of Sardonyx instills feelings of stability, self-confidence, and faith, while the empowering qualities of this stone expel depression and encourages us to take action and make lasting changes in our life. For those who desire more focused thinking, clarity, and motivation in their lives, Sardonyx is the perfect tool to achieve success. It awakens stamina, energy, and self-control. If we have the tendency to be drawn in many different directions, Sardonyx helps us stay organized and focused on one task at a time. This stone  also emphasizes honesty and integrity. Carrying Sardonyx with for long periods of time each day helps us move forward with clarity, make well-balanced decisions, and strengthen our sense of self. With the confidence and poise offered by Sardonyx, introverts can more easily climb out of their shell and interact freely with the world around them. This stone is a wonderful talisman in marriages, friendships, and business partnerships, as it enhances communication, and brings joy and stability into relationships. For those seeking new friendships, Sardonyx’s uplifting vibrations attract just the right people into our life. The red energies of this Sardonyx will stimulate the entire body.
ZODIAC:: Aries, Leo

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