*Mother in the Mother

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Whilst much has been written about the complexity of the mother/daughter relationship, Mother in the Mother explores new territory by looking at the three-way relationship between grandmother, mother and child.

Diverse, rich, celebratory, challenging, sometimes painful and ultimately uplifting… together the stories in Mother in the Mother illuminate how the strength of maternal love can have the power to heal and overcome adversity.

When a woman becomes a mother, it is often a time she reflects back upon the way she herself was mothered. Our maternal inheritance from our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and beyond can have a powerful influence upon the ways in which we bring up our own children.

Featuring the voices of over fifty mothers from a diverse range of ages, cultural backgrounds and experiences.

Exploring themes including: love, loss, healing, young motherhood, family estrangement, mental and physical health, maternal ambiguity, twin pregnancy and adoption.

Guidance on creating your own healing, creative projects based on the activities used in Mother in the Mother workshops.

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