Matcha Oasis Crystal Bath Bomb

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Crystal description

While you soak allow the energy of the embedded serpentine to infuse your water. Serpentine has a powerful healing energy that works to create an energetic and protective shield around the body. Instead of this stone “sucking up” the bad energy from around you like a magnet, it will harden your psychic “shell” and make it impossible for that bad energy to permeate. You will develop personal strength and a sense of inner peace because you are untouchable by negative energy.

Scent description

Breathe in the sweet and soothing aroma of birch water, orange zest, and apples. This spa-inspired blend is a mix of organic matcha and salts to pull out toxins from your body, release tension and stress and appreciate the moment of self-care while you soak and deeply believe and say that you deserve time to heal and rest.
Made in United States

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