Magic Crystal Bag

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Each of these crystals are regularly $3 ea. We wanted to create a special Magic Bag available to each of you! Choose any 10 crystals for $20.

At check-out, comments section please include in your selection of 10 crystals from our $3 selection.

Please note: we don't have the ability to limit your choices to 10. If you choose more than 10 we will take your first 10 choices and send those to you.
In addition we don't have a way of allowing you to choose multiples of the same crystal. So, if you'd like 2 of the same, please choose the one you want and note in the optional note section above which one you would like multiples of and how many of each.

We intuitively choose your crystals with our non-dominant hand and Spirit as our guide and cleanse each one for you. All crystals vary in size, shape, color and pattern.

We can't WAIT to send this magick to you!

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