Laundry Soap

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Ditch harsh detergents with Sweet Orange 64-Ounce or 32-Ounce Sea Salt Laundry Soap.

Sweet Orange: Add a sweet citrus touch to your linens — and jeans and shirts and towels and sundresses and socks — with our petroleum-free orange laundry soap. Bonus, it’s sulfate-free and phosphate-free too!

Sea Salt: You'll be breaking blahs with a laundry soap that relaxes in refreshing citrus with natural sea salts. Esalen, here you come.


We know doing the laundry is no one’s favorite task, but these Laundry Soaps turn fluffing and folding into an aromatherapy experience with the pure and powerful essential oils.


To make sure your clothes not only smell fantastic but also get clean, those mad scientists put saponified coconut oil and baking soda to work on dirt and stains. Perfect for high-efficiency machines and low-efficiency nature lovers.

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