Lapis Tumbled (lg)

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Lapis has a powerful connection with the third eye and one can feel its stimulation just by holding the stone in one's hand. It aids in the development of enhanced intuition and provides one with access to spiritual guidance. It is able to guide and show one new ideas through visual images granting one visionary awareness, enhanced intellectual abilities, and memory. It is a stone for seekers of knowledge and wisdom, students of life who wish to stimulate the desire for knowledge. This makes it an excellent stone for those who are looking for new ideas, learning new things, and teaching others. As a stone of wisdom and truth it aids one in discerning and speaking the truth at all times, allowing one to see through the lies of others and even the inner lies we sometimes tell ourselves. When gifted to another, Lapis can help initiate them into the journey of higher awareness.

Approximately 1"

Please note: We intuitively choose your crystal with our non-dominant hand and Spirit as our guide and cleanse each one for you. All crystals vary in size, shape, color and pattern.

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