Juniper Fig Goat Milk Soap

Gentle, skin nourishing, beautiful and naturally aromatic. Our soaps are handcrafted in Mystic, CT where our mission is to deliver the highest quality, all natural products with the most effective results. 

A refreshing and lively scent that hydrates and locks in moisture. This insect repelling blend is naturally anti-bacterial and will smooth away blemishes.

For every bar of Juniper-Fig soap sold, Becca Rose will donate $1 to JuniperFoxx - a rare and exotic animal sanctuary located in Pensacola, FL



Essential Oils: Lavender, Bergamont, Ylang Ylang.

Coconut oil. Palm oil, our Palm Oil is responsibly sourced (RSPO). Olive oil. Castor oil. Lye (NaOH). Goat Milk. For coloring, we use all natural oxides (Blue Lake Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, etc.) and essential oils for scent. We source from the most reputable suppliers in the soaping industry.

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