*Healing with Shungite

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Harness the restorative power of the shungite stone with this easy-to-read manual for cleansing energy at work or home, guarding yourself from EMFs, soothing anxiety and stress, and many more practical therapeutic solutions for healing with this incredible crystal.

Many crystals and protective stones offer a variety of health benefits, but none quite so versatile as the popular mineral of shungite. Whether you’re an experienced witch or a beginner looking for daily energy protection, Healing with Shungite offers a comprehensive overview of this protective stone, including what’s so special about its properties, why it works, and how to use it in your everyday life. Separated into three, easy-to-read sections, this book includes:

- The history of shungite use, from ancient traditions to modern-day healing
- Where to find the mineral and what to look for when purchasing
- How shungite can act as a powerful shield against EMFs, cell phone radiation, and more
- An overview of auras and chakras for more effective healing 
- How this grounding stone can soothe anxiety and stress
- Practical rituals and activities for using shungite at home and work

Written by a professional writer and energy healer, this book combines the practical and the spiritual for an accessible, interesting look into this amazing protective mineral. 

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