Room & Body Potion: Grassy Grove

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Made in Mystic by our expert potion maker, our Room & Body potion utilizes the essential oils of vibrant lemongrass and grounding cedar.

Mist this potion over your head for the potion to take effect, or use in your home as an all-natural air & linen spray.

Ways to Experience:

  • Mist on clothes & body before frolicking outdoors. Lemongrass & cedar are both known bug repellents.
  • Cedar is grounding. Use before meditation, or whenever you need to tap into the wisdom of old trees and feel rooted.
  • Energizing. Lemongrass is invigorating, mist above your head for an energetic boost when you feel like you're losing steam.
  • Deodorizing. Cedar helps to deodorize indoor environments & prevent the development of mildew. Good for misting in closets, basements, bathrooms and guestrooms.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Vegetable Glycerin, Optiphen ND, and Essential oils of Lemongrass and Cedar.

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