Full Moon Sweet Dreams

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Lavender , Ylang-Ylang, Mugwort &Amethyst

Sweet, calming Lavender's pairs up with the delicate, floral scent of Ylang-Ylang to bring you the Sweetest of Dreams. 

Mugwort has been used traditionally in Earth Magic to promote prophetic insight.

You can soak in the tub with it, or place some under your pillow to stimulate psychic visions.

Amethyst opens up the third eye and crown chakras, your body's centers of intuition, mindfulness, and oneness with the universe. 

 This bath is crafted on the  Full Moon, the lunar phase that correlates with the subconscious mind, magic, and heightened sensitivity.

 The glowing Full Moon can illuminate hidden knowledge, making it the ideal time for dream work.

Full moons carry powerful energy; generally harnessed for rituals regarding love , wishes, giving thanks for blessings, and healing.

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