Crescent Moon Tarot Stand and Candle Holder (DC)

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These card stands hold any size tarot or oracle card and make a great addition to your altar, desk, or bedside table. It's perfect for displaying your card of the day or a significator card for meditating on. There's also space for a standard size tealight candle, or an incense cone!

This card holder was thoughtfully designed so that the candle will be a safe distance away from your beloved tarot card, but please never leave the candle unattended or in a space where it could be knocked over!

Each card stand is handmade. Some variation in wood grain and color is to be expected.

Dimensions: ~ 5 x 4 inches (at the widest and tallest points)

Material: Maple Wood

Please note: this listing is for a single tarot card and candle holder only. Any crystals, candles, tarot cards, etc. in the photos are not included.

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