Hematite Tumbled | 20-30MM | Brazil

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Tumbled Stones are typically used as energy stones in holistic modalities. They are also used as healing crystals and as chakra stones. Tumbled Stones are often used and placed on different chakra points to relieve different physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual discomforts. Rough stones tend to carry with them a visceral + raw power, while Tumbled Stones lean towards a more gentle vibration.

grounding, balancing, detoxifying

PROPERTIES: Hematite is extremely effective at keeping us grounded in our bodies. When emotions run high or the stress of everyday life has us pushed to our edges, we can use Hematite to balance these emotions to keep ourselves grounded and focused on our goals. Hematite boosts self-esteem, invigorates willpower, and radiates confidence, while removing self-imposed limitations and doubt. Hematite is a protective stone that eliminates negativity from our Aura returning us to a harmonious state. In addition, it stimulates our ability to concentrate and focus, heightens our memory, and organizes our thoughts. Hematite helps us come to terms with our past mistakes and regrets by encouraging us to see them not as disasters, but as learning experiences and opportunities for growth.
ZODIAC: Aquarius, Aries
ELEMENT: Earth, Fire

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