Healing Tarot Reading

A six card tarot pull sent directly to your inbox! This tarot spread was created to aid you in your journey of healing and self love. Kass will pull six tarot cards for you using the sacred numerology of your first name. You can expect your reading in 1-2 business days via email (including a picture of your cards!), and if you have any remaining questions after the reading, Kass will be more than happy to pull more cards for you for an answer.

Kass has been reading tarot and oracle cards for 16 years, and is an intuitive tarot reader and medium. They use both messages from the cards and from spirit to help guide you to your brightest possible self.

First card: what's asking for healing?

Second card: the effect this has had on your past. 

Third card: the effect this has on your present. 

Fourth card: past wounds to transmute and release? 

Fifth card: what can be done for healing?

Sixth card: what can be done to maintain healing?

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