BR Soap Sampler Kit

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We've lovingly compiled a sampler of all your favorite handmade Becca Rose soaps. Because all of our soaps are hand cut, we sometimes end up with teeny little slivers, which we've compiled into these samplers for you.

That means, you never know what you’re gonna get, and that’s half the fun!

The Becca Rose Soap Sampler includes 4 slivers of our Mystic-made goat milk soaps, and a random eco-friendly soap lift to put them on! These soap lifts are made in CT and help preserve your soap by keeping them high and dry on your counter or in your shower.

You may get another color soap lift than the ones pictured above, depending on what colors we have in stock when we make these sets.

  • Saponified 100% food-grade olive, coconut, palm, and castor oils
  • In a Goat’s milk base
  • Essential Oils
  • Our unique blends may also include lavender buds and apricot seeds!
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