My Aura, Exposed.

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We had Aura Imaging done at the shop a few weekends in a row. I didn't know what to expect other than some form of validation that I'm doing okay.. that my Aura will translate some messaging that says


You're doing GREAT, look at you go! You're listening when transformation makes it's way to you, you're growing in Love and your ability to be loved. You are EVOLVED! You are ENLIGHTENED! YOU ARE JUST DIVINE.


Thrive Tribe was incredible, NAME and NAME explained a little bit about how aura's are created through your energy centers, or chakras, and that what you're looking for in the 14 page emailed report is the length and vibrancy of your chakras.


Length? I thought they were just circles of light in my body...


As I sat down I noticed some thoughts arising around what I was making this whole thing mean about me...


What if I'm not doing well?

What if I'm not operating at my highest potential?

What if this report shows that I'm wrong in some way?

What if it points out all of my faults and proves my biggest fear, that I'm just not a good person?




I pushed those thoughts aside and placed my hand on what looked like a large mouse big enough to hold my entire hand. NAME told me to lay my hand upon it and let it sit for a few minutes so the device had enough time to ready my energetic signature (she probably used different words).


I sat in the seat highly aware of everyone hanging out behind me. No one was watching my screen (that I know of) and still I felt remarkable vulnerable. I felt naked as my chakra colors and sizes displayed on the screen in front of me, a computer-generated image of my physical body turning in a circle, seeing all sides of my energy-body.


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