Healing our Politics Tarot Spread

Healing our Politics Tarot Spread

One broken system cannot heal another. Before we can heal our political system, WE must heal. Ideas, insights and solutions have nowhere to land as long as we are contracted in anger, anxiety, fear, rage and sadness. Join me in the first step of healing as we allow ourselves to really and fully feel and release it all. We have much work to do, sistxrs. Let the journey begin!

I enlisted the help of two decks for this movement. The first, my Wild Unknown Tarot deck and the second, my Threads of Fate Oracle deck. Here are the questions I asked and the cards they belong to:


1 (top): What can I do to heal my feelings?

2 (middle left): What can I do to accept what is in Love?

3 (midde right): What perspective will help me open to hearing solutions? ORACLE

4, 5, 6 (bottom 3 cards): What are 3 actions I can take to begin this transformation?


Today we will start with card 1. JUSTICE.


Tarot Card 1


Felines have always been a metaphor for feelings to me. My cats are always helping me by reflecting what I’m feeling when I’m not 100% aware of them myself, yet. This Justice card shows black and white felines. I could say it’s asking me to come out of, or step into, black and white thinking, but that wouldn’t answer my question:


“What can I do to heal my feelings?”


For me, this card is asking me to first, really feel them. Fully and unapologetically FEEL my feelings. It is in bottling up and shame around having them that then buries them deep inside and causes them to fester into sadness and disease. 


My feelings? I feel hopeless. I feel scared. I feel shameful. I feel so much fear that if I express my thoughts and feelings I will be knocked down by passionate people who disagree. But. Not in a loving, debate-focused way. I fear the harsh, critical and hateful responses that leave me silent and afraid to say anything at all about what I think and how I feel. I feel rage and frustration at how upside down our political system appears from my perspective. I feel trapped and unable to do anything productive. I feel like we are a doomed people at the mercy of those we gave too much power to. I feel confused at how the system even works. I feel stupid that I don’t fully understand the politics that governs the country, state and city within which I live. I feel shame that we’ve lost a good deal of the freedoms our foremothers and fathers gave their lives to give us.


Oh sistxrs, I feel so much it makes me cry. Hard, sobbing tears. And. I know that’s okay and as I face these feelings, as I really allow myself to look at them, a good cry will support me in releasing them from my vessel making me lighter and able to think more clearly.


And so, I cried. And with every tear I became less attached to these feelings. With every exhale I exhaled the frustration, fear, anger, worry, resentment, and every time I blew my nose I released the congestion that holding these feelings in caused. I RELEASED and it felt so fucking good.


And so I invite you to feel your feelings, dear one. Let them all out, allow them to be freed from the cage of your ribs. Fully exhale them and know that as you do, you are making room for healing.


Here is a guided exercise to support you in this process:


Pull out your journal or a notebook and, first, write the question, then answer it:


How do I feel about politics?


If there is a particular issue that really fires you up, I invite you to write about this now. What is it? How does it make you feel? Don’t hold back. LET IT OUT. Let out the guilt and shameful thoughts. Let out the cursing and frustration, let out the sadness and sorrow. Let out what brings you joy and makes you happy - really fully express yourself completely unapologetically.


Where do I feel it in my body?


Close your eyes and sense the feeling you have - is it frustration in your chest? Is it fear in your throat? Is it anxiety in your belly? Hold the space until your body talks to you breathing while you listen.

Invite your body to release these feelings. Consider doing this into an element, like the flame of a candle, a bowl of water, into the wind outside or into a flower or piece of sage you can burn once you’re complete. Having a focus on where to send the feelings you wish to release will support you in fully releasing them. Here are some things to try on:


Cry. For me crying is a hearty form of release (element - water). And, sometimes I don’t feel like crying so..


Take a walk and with every step feel your feelings releasing through the bottoms of your feet into Mother Earth (element - earth) to be transmuted. OR, as the wind moves through your body, see it taking your feelings with it also transmuting them back into love (element - wind).


YELL!! Or punch a pillow or punching bag! SWEAR! Say “MOTHER FUCKING FUCK THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT!” and let it be okay! Release the fire from your core so you, yourself, can cool (element - fire).



Whatever form of release you choose, know that you are loving your body in this process and really creating a sacred space for it to feel. Our feelings are meant to be felt and released. In the world we live in, many of us have learned to hold onto our feelings and hide them, afraid to express them, afraid to release them for fear of what it may mean about us, for fear of judgement. 


You are safe, you are supported by all of the elements of the Earth and by a community of heart-centered womxn reading this with you. FEEL, whatever the feeling is, unapologetically, and release it with us. This is our part to do in the healing of everything.


I have separated this tarot reading into multiple blog posts as there is much work and processing to be done. Stay tuned for part 2 and if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, do so at the bottom of the page so you are notified when the next post is released. 


If you're comfortable, share what came up for you in the comments below.


Blessed Be,



  1. Rebecca Mashuta Rebecca Mashuta

    AWESOME!! This is just great and what a gift you gave yourself by letting yourself just FEEL.


  2. Lauren Lauren

    YES! Connecting with nature helps me release frustration, pain and anxiety. This morning I found myself feeling frustrated and rushed because I overslept. When I took the dogs out in the rain, I let myself have a moment of sacredness. I stood in the rain, closed my eyes, and felt my feet on the soft, wet earth. I took in a few deep breaths and let all my unease follow the rain into the ground. I'm so grateful that you put my feelings into words here!

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